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The Latest Episode of The Actor's Choice

Hi The Actor's Choice Family,

Many of you may know Lee Michaels from his programming gig at various stations around the country and then at his internet talk radio platform, USA Talk Network. I imagine that he was responsible for adding some of your records on his station. He shared that his son Corey had a life-threatening accident and was burned over 70% of his body.

Some of you have already donated to the GoFundMe, where you can read about the accident and updates on his recovery. Yesterday’s update was that Corey received skin grafts for his arms. He will need a lot of care, medical procedures and a long rehab.

Please read the story on the link and donate at a level that is comfortable for you. Life can change at an instant and Corey’s life has definitely been altered. In addition to any financial contribution, please keep Lee and his family in your prayers, especially as he drives back and forth from LA to Denver to assist with Corey’s care.

Even if you don’t know Lee, the family could use any contribution you can spare. It’s the support of strangers that will help them to get through this challenge.

Stay blessed and thank you for your kind hearts.

Pat Shields and The Actor's Choice


FireShot Capture 2381 - Fundraiser for George Halstead by Lee Michaels _ Please Support My

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Join #TheActorsChoice with host #RonBrewington on  June 17, 2024.

Guests:   #ShelleyCooper is an Off-Broadway Award Winning Solo Actor/Playwright, and Associate Professor of Musical Theatre at Augustana College. #WillowGeer is an Actress and Associate Artistic Director at Theatricum. #StevenWilliams, a Los Angeles-based Professional Photographer, Videographer, Publicist, and Director.


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The Actor's Choice Weekly Recommendation: Stax: Soulsville USA

#STAX: Soulsville U.S.A., an @HBO Original Documentary Series that captures how an underdog record label launched a movement and superstar musicians like Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding.

Stream it on HBO and Max.

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